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"The luxury formal wear brand from the bespoke sewing factory established 60 years ago."


MUNETAKA YOKOYAMA is the second generation of a 60-year-old bespoke sewing factory specialized in high-end tailor-made suits.


The factory has been sewing high-end tailor-made suits and formal wear for department stores for over 60 years since 1963.


In 2008, MUNETAKA YOKOYAMA expanded into Tokyo's fashion mecca, Minami Aoyama, and opened a formal wear atelier Rosso Nero.


As a result of working with artisans to create each item with the utmost care, the formal wear he creates is rated high by leading hotels and department stores in Japan, celebrities and show business stars, and has come to be known as the best tuxedo brand in Japan.


He also established the Japan Formalwear Culture Association in 2018 to carry on and develop not only his own brand but also traditional Japanese culture and traditional industry. He serves as the chairman of the board and makes formal wear using "kimono" fabric, one of Japan's traditional cultures.


MUNETAKA YOKOYAMA is expected to be a brand that will promote Japan's traditional culture and traditional industries to the world.


January 1963 Founded Yokoyama Sewing Factory  

                         Started making high-end tailor-made suits

March 1965    Became an authorized exclusive suit supplier at Takamatsu Mitsukoshi

February 1999 Started dealing with taylor-made tuxedo suits

                         Started Original Order My MODE (later became Rosso Nero), a boutique specializing

                         in custom-made products

January 2001 Awarded : Kagawa Governor Award  by Kagawa Skin Festival - Technician Exhibition

February 2005 Certified as a Regular Fabric Dealer by Ermenegildo Zegna as the first company in Shikoku Prefecture

July 2005 Started wholesaling tuxedos to hotels, ceremony halls and costume shops all over Japan

April 2008 Opened Tokyo Office at Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo

May 2009 Tokyo Office changed its name to "Tuxedo Atelier Rosso Nero" and started retail selling in Tokyo

February 2010 Awarded : The best Model Office by The Chamber of Commerce Takamatsu

August 2010 Partnership with Maison du Mariage Joel Robuchon 

December 2013 Published : Magazine  "The professional Wedding" 

May 2015 Partnership with The Ritz Carlton Tokyo 

March 2015 Tokyo office relocated for business expansion

February 2016 Partnership with The Peninsula Hotel Tokyo 

May 2017 Partnership with Kagaya Hotel at Wakura-Hot spring

March 2018 Started selling Nishijin Textile Tuxedo, the first kimono tuxedo

April 2018 Yokoyama became President of the Japan Formalwear Culture Association

April 2018 Stated The Dress Brand "Rouge x Noir" 

September 2019 Awarded  : MFU Meister

October 2019 Opened Tuxedo Atelier Rosso Nero Nagoya Shop

December 2019 Yokoyama was selected as the tuxedo designer by Mercede Benz Tokyo and Shinagawa Price Hotel

March 2020 Partnership with Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo

July 2020 Started Christian Roland Brand (until 2021)

April 2022 Had a pop-up store at Maserati - Kioicho


Established in 1963 

Tokyo Head Office :

  #306,4-17-33 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

Kagawa Head Office : 

  1554-17 Kitacyo, Takamatsu City, Kagawa, JAPAN

Factory  : 

  3°F Takamatsu-Mitsukoshi, 7-1 Uchimachi, Takamatsu-city, Kagawa, JAPAN

Main Shop : 

  Tuxedo Atlier ROSSO NERO Minami-aoyama (Tokyo)

Shops : 

  Tuxedo Atlier ROSSO NERO Yokohama (Kanagawa) 

  Tuxedo Atlier ROSSO NERO Nagoya ( Aichi ) 

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